Friday, February 26, 2010

Simply Golden

The amazing and talented Nancy McKinney sent me some more Canadian images that she made (including the one on my side bar immediately after tonight's very stressful hockey game!) and I wanted to make a card using some of the images. If you are interested in these images contact Nancy - there are several other images that I haven't used yet and they are stinking cute!

I picked the mittens and toque and instead of making the maples leaves white as they are on the mittens everyone is wearing I made the gold in honour of our men's short track speed skaters who won 2 Gold medals; so as I am writing this post Canada has the most GOLD medals at the games WOHOO!!!

I LOVE these mittens (I wore mine faithfully in Whistler, even when my hands were hot) not only because they are so stinkin' cute but because of what they mean. HBC who made the mittens are donating proceeds from each pair sold (meaning shipped out of the warehouse, so even the ones given away count) to our amateur athletes and that is HUGE as most do not have the financial backing of endorsements and it's a struggle for them to make ends meet - so a big shout out to all of you who bought the mittens in support of our athletes!!

Thanks for stopping by - enjoy the rest of the games I know I will but Sunday's hockey game will be VERY stressful & exciting!!



Nancy said...

Awesome, Dana!! You're so Canadian, eh?

Leslie said...

Super cute. If I could give you a GOLD MEDAL, I would for your dedication and enthusiasm and commitment to our games!!
GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Motz said...

Wooo hoooo Canada!!! We were on the phone so much yesterday watching the Olympics together, and each time we talk we seem to win gold, so I'm expecting to watch Sunday's game with you on the phone! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, these are too cute....I just emailed Nancy for them! You guys helped the boys win, just because of your great cards!! GO CANADA GO!!!