Thursday, January 8, 2009

another award...

Janet is so sweet she gave me another award- careful this might go to my head!!

All I have to do is nominate 7 other lovely blogs - done!!!

1) My BFF Karen
2) the amazing Nancy
3) my new friend Charlene
4) Wendy who I am so excite to meet!
5) Nicky (she's so sweet I just love her)
6) Em because she keeps taking my money, and making me happy & has found me new stamping friends in Calgary!!!
7) Joanne because she has inspired me for so long & she is even
sweeter in real life then you can imagine!!!

Thanks again Janet!


Unknown said...

I'm curious. I'm fairly new to blogging -- do people just randomly assign an award, or is there something more involved? I've only had a blog for a couple months now, but I'm just curious how things work. Thanks for any knowledge you can share:)

Charlene Austin said... are a doll! Love it! Thank you Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

You are being to good to us! Why don't you wait till you meet us and you might be sending me something else!!! LOL Thanks love!