Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I accept Janet's Challenge

Janet sent a challenge to me so I decided to do it -1st still no card made and not sure if it will happen before morning & 2nd who doesn't like a challenge?!

The challenge is to go into your picture files, open the 6th folder & post the 6th picture - I am really happy with what mine turned out to be!

This picture is from a trip to Varadero Cuba in March of 2003. We had just moved to Toronto & hubby hadn't started his job so we decided to take a vacation before life got crazy. This picture is taken from where we sat most days, that is the long walk (in the pool) to the swim up bar, as soon as I started under the bridge the bartender would start blending my
drink & I have to say we have had the same fantastic bartenders the next 2x we went. Hmm
with the cold and snow we have had maybe we need to go back sooner than planned!! The other reason I love remember this trip is we booked through a travel agent in TO and we became great friends :)

Now I have to challenge 6 people, Janet challenged my BFF so I shall challenge some other great friends

Nancy - Card worthy
Charlene - Willow & Paisley
Wendy - Bond Girl Bliss
Em - Bloggabella
Nicky - Stamping Creations by Nicky

Amy - Tsuruta Designs

Hope to have a card SOON - have a great day



~amy~ said...

Thanks for the tag Dana! FABulous picture....btw, I was born in Toronto :)

Karen Motz said...

This is a fabulous picture!!! No wonder you kept going back there. :)

Nancy said...

Taking the challenge, Dana! I've had no time to stamp so this gives me something to post.

Anonymous said...

Why the heck are you up at 5:00am?!? Love the pic!

Janet said...

wow!! that is great!! I wish my pic was a cuba picture:) I wanted to go to Cuba this year but i am going to see karen instead;)

jacque4u2c said...

Awesome photo challenge! Love this one. Your blog is awesome. I am glad I found it.