Sunday, November 7, 2010


Yes I am exhausted from my 11 days away from home!!  It all started on the 27th when I took the red eye (yes I'm insane & I won't be doing that again!) to my BFF's.  The concept of the red eye seems good until I don't sleep (maybe an hour) and I refuse to nap when I get there so by early evening I am pretty entertaining to Kar & her hubby!!

The next morning we got up early to go on our road trip, since Karen moved to the Boston area we always try to go somewhere when I visit - this year Hoboken to see Carlos Bakery!!

Karen suggested we go & see Jodi (Stamping a Latte) since we were so close.  We headed across the bridge, checked into the hotel, had a snack then went to Jodi's - Ann Kranitz was there too & we laughed and talked so much that night my throat hurt the next morning .  I met Jodi's hubby, girls & Edward :)  I can't wait until the next time we all get together!!  Seriously a few time I had no idea what Jodi was saying because of her accent - she said I totally sound Canadian eh!! 

All good things must come to an end so I left my BFF's and stopped in Toronto on my way home.  It was a quick stop to see my old neighbours & their kids, but when I mentioned to Lindabella I was making a quick stop in TO she co-ordinated a little babarooni rendezvous!! YES can you believe it?!  Paula left her house early Sat morning & picked up Cath, and Linda picked up Pauline so I could meet them all and we could hang out.  Ebru was able to pop into Bellaland & Em was a wonderful host.  My wonderful friend Leslie came with me & her & I were in awe of the babes - she even got to take an Izzie coloured by Linda home!!  The girls were all very productive & coloured, I sat & yacked & watched & begged Linda & Paula to share some of their knowledge with me!  They offered to have me colour but I was not colouring around such greatness!!   Again all good things must come to an end; the babes packed up & headed home & I headed for the airport for my flight home.

I had hoped to try my pencils today (Paula was very encouraging) and do some shading like Linda showed me, but I did so much shopping when I was away (great success with my BFF & at one of my favourite shops in TO) that I spent the day re-organzing my closet.  Hubby told me to get some new clothes while I was away, but I don't think he thought I would take him so literally!!

I'm going to stamp tomorrow - we'll have to see if there are pencils on the next project or not!  Don't forget this weeks Bellariffic Fridays theme is Holidays or Christmas - email Em your cards by Thursday



Kristel said...

The photo's looks like ou had a lot of fun!!
Hugs Kristel

Leslie said...

It was SO great to see you and I'm still in awe of the Izzie that Linda did for me, well you really, but you so graciously gave it up :) Those cupcakes look delish and I love the photo of you, Karen, Jodi and Ann....and the wine glass on the desk...perfect!

Ebru - (April) said...

Dana, I so agree with you, when Emily mentioned I can stop recording and do some coloring I thought no way am I going to color with such greatness all around me :o). It was great to meet you !!


Crafty Cath said...

Dana what a treat to visit with all your stamping friends! I am so glad that we had time to plan a little babefest too! It was so much fun meeting everyone. And yes, it was intimidating to bring marker to paper in front of the best coloring girls around. But they shared some wonderful tips!

Jodi Collins aka Kharmagirl said...

LOVE these pics girlie! I had SO much fun and cannot even wait for you and Karen to visit again!! Maybe next time Ann and I can come to