Thursday, December 25, 2008

Beautiful Cards...


Today I wanted to show some of the beautiful cards I received - since I have 8 coming for dinner & haven't had to cook Christmas dinner for years because my wonderful cousin in Oakville would always have us join her crew but now we are back out west so I am having to cook again. Wish me luck; I hope it's like riding a bike & you never forget how to cook a turkey!!

This was my birthday card from Leslie
the image is from Stamping Bella and
one that I received in my birthday
package so I think after Christmas I
will have to have a little "snow fight"

This is also from Leslie; LOVE the SNOWMAN, again from Stamping Bella - don't they have the best images?!

This was my Christmas card from
Leslie, yes the one and only who I
refer to whenever I manage to
make a flat knot or bow!!

This was our beautiful Christmas card from my BFF Karen who moved to the USA in June from Ontario & I miss like crazy - good thing there are amazing long distance plans!!
Thanks for stopping by -hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas with family, friends, loved ones


Leslie said...

WOW, that's some Christmas present to wake up to Dana! Being "shown" on your blog - thank you my friend, I'm touched! Hubby is calling me to open presents...can you believe I'm checking your blog BEFORE I open my presents?! Merry Christmas.

Karen Motz said...

Merry Christmas my BFF! Lovely post today. :)