Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reading & writing....

In honour of school I choose Bookwormabella for my calender this month.

When I was in school (just the other year really) we didn't go back until after the September long weekend but here in Calgary a lot of the kids are already back in school; which means there are a lot of happy moms! The neighbourhood has definately been quiet since mid last week & of course we finally had some nice summer days!

Hope you all had a great summer I am getting excited about my trip to my BFF's and going to Stamping Around Vermont then to Toronto and a trip to Bellaland (Leslie & I will be there on the 17th to all my Toronto area friends!!)

Happy reading



Leslie said...

I love my calendar! You're counting the sleeps until your BFF and I'm counting the sleeps until my "Dana Day"!!!

LindaH said...

the 17th! i'm gonna be there on the 18th!!!!!!!! ACK! CAN'T YOU COME BACK!