Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My friend Janet gave me my first blog award! How cool! I feel so honoured! Now I get to pass along the love to 5 more fabulous bloggers.
Here are the rules:
I have to list 5 of my addictions and list 5 fabulous blogs...here goes!

1. All things stamping related (shopping, creating, playing).
2. Talking with my BFF (on the phone now that we live in different countries).
3. Blogging
4. Emailing
5. Coffee
Now for the 5 fabulous blogs: well normally I would put my BFF Karen's blog here but since she nominated me along with Janet I will have to put some other up...

1. Charlene - she is so sweet; my stamping friend here in Calgary who I met via Em in TO
2. Wendy - another one of my new connections from Em; I can hardly wait to meet her!
3. Dawn E. - because I have to stop by everyday & she is a fellow Oiler Fan!!
4. Nicky - how I miss her and Bellaland
5. Shannon - I love her blog but I want to say she is fantastic for Bellarific Fridays :)

Whew this was quite the honour, thanks a million girls


Janet said...

:) you deserve your award!! You nominated some amazing people too:)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't need to do that but I am thrilled that you did! Thanks and see you soon!