Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of production.  We played golf on Sunday & it was my last round of the season because by the 13th hole I had to quit - I HURT MY WRIST! Yep there's a big lump on the wrist & still a lot of swelling in the hand, and yes it's the colouring hand.  I had it checked yesterday & it's just tendons so once the swelling goes down I should be OK - Ice & advil are my friends these days!!

Did you see Em is now on YOUTUBE!!  She is so freakin brave!!  She also gave a sneak peek of an image that's being released later this month & don't forget to check out Tantalizing TOOOSdays 

Remember to email Em your cards by tomorrow for Bellariffic Fridays (I'm currently kicking myself for not working ahead!!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!!



Danni said...

Oh no!! Feel better!!! Hope it heals quickly!

LindaH said...

JUST tendons! sweetie! speaking from someone who injured bones, nerves AND tendons....this ain't good!

i think you should ice it with some chilled wine! take care Dana!!!!!!!!!!

Crafty Cath said...

Oh No!!! That doesn't sound good. Hope you are feeling yourself again soon!

Leslie said...

Oooh, not good my friend. Yes, lots of ice on your wrist and perhaps, also in a glass of wine! :)